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November 2, 2012
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Revenge of the Russian soldier by MrRiar Revenge of the Russian soldier by MrRiar
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DroidOps Aug 29, 2013  Student Artist
The soviet officer stole the pistol from the facist officer.
nazi officer.Facist=Italians,in fact..But yep,that pistol-german work
matis669 Mar 10, 2013  Student Filmographer
Omg this is really picture taken from SFM ? wow awesome shadow can you make some tutorials on yt ? :)
Hi, MrRiar!
Just wanted to say that you make beautiful tf2 art! :clap: :boogie:
You're great, but I could not keep my mouth shut about this picture: I don't know why people keep drawing german soliders as beasts, who kill jews, and allied soliders and russians aways kill the bad nazis. This ain't right, man. What most people don't want to know is that approx. 8 million germans died at the cost of 40 million russians. So 5 russians die for 1 german solider.
:bulletorange: Something more: after the war the russians raped and killed over 12 Million german women and children - AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. Theese actions continued for 1-2 years, namely 1946-1947. This was the biggest human migration in the history after the great migration of peoples. What for soliders are theese that banish women and children from their houses and rape them on the streets?
:bulletblue: The allies killed many german civillians during the war and after the war they continued to kill. So where was the UN for the german POWs, where was the red cross for the german civillians? Who are the good and who - the bad? Who caused the biggest human migration in the history after the great migration of peoples B.C?

So I draw the conclusion for you - russians weren't the good, nor were the allies, nor were the germans. But the fact is german soliders were the best soliders of them all.

P.S. and this is a soviet solider, not russian - if he was russian you should make him a new uniform and make him point his gun at somebody else. :picknose:
А еще колбасники-действительно хорошие зольдатен,хоть и "слегка" бесчеловечные и аморальные..Но тут уже виним Waffen-SS и прочие веселые формирования "уберменлехь-фолька".

На русском потому,что ватник и поцреот..А еще знаю инглиш так же хорошо,как пьяный бомж без образования.
+,in all.When Red army ''happens"-it always ends so badly.
DroidOps Aug 28, 2013  Student Artist
Please. Those facists just killed children with flamethrowers and you excuse this shit? Please.
People of my country raped and killed all that trying to survive without communism on the way in Berlin.
 And..Flamethrowers-not always is most terrible weapon.
..And Uncle Sam's soldiers burns foes too.
Your avatar says a lot about your disposition. A Nazi Party shirt, really?

I will not repeat what LevVoronin said, but merely ask why you refer to the Nazis as "Germans", yet try to correct us of calling a Soviet soldier "Russian"? He likely made the picture with intent of him being from Russia exacting personal revenge for the decimation of his life, family, and country on a German soldier who coldheartedly contributed to it.

Don't you even dare try to excuse the Germans for all what they did, or call the Allies monsters on the scale of Nazi soldiers and officials. Don't even bother responding to me here, because this discussion isn't anything new and the information is out there.
Sometimes i think that people dies for our hollywars in this theme,lol.
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